Check Out Our 9 Step Product Photography Process

1. Consultation

We provide an obligation-free consultation to understand our client’s requirements and concerns before proceeding with a shoot.
Key takeaways points from clients will be how they will be using the images, how many images per product, what are the different angles required, if they have any sample images that they like and if there are any special requests.

2. Collection & Return

We provide free collection and return if the order is more than 10 images. Clients will also be able to speak to our sales person when he collects the products to brief him on the requirements.

3. Product Preparation

We always clean the products before the photo shoot. Our studio is also equipped with a steamer & iron for apparel, shoe tree for footwear and stuffings for bags.
Watch our product preparation video.

4. Product Photo Shoot

Every product is different, we adjust our lighting position for every product and angle to create the best looking product photos. We have wide range of lighting equipment that can suit any product. We also have a variety of professional DSLRs and lenses that can capture every detail of your product.

5. Digital Enhancement (Adobe Lightroom)

We do not simply submit the photo as shot from our DSLR camera. Every image is digitally enhanced using Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop to bring out the best in your images.. During this stage, we also retouch and remove minor imperfections on the subject like dust particles and small dents.

6. Removal of Background

After enhancing the colour of the product, we will use photoshop to remove the background of the subject. if need be. To achieve this, we use a wide range of tools like magic wand, quick selection, colour range and pen tool. We also align the subject into grids because consistency is key in your photos.

7. Export Into Requested Format

We can export the completed images to almost all formats with white background or with transparency. Eg: Jpg, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PDF. We can also optimize the images for fast web loading.

8. Proper Folder Structure

We understand the hassle of going through thousands of images. That is why we always have a proper folder structure according to product name or SKU number with subfolders of different file formats.

9. Receive a Download Link

Our clients will receive a link to download the images once completed.

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